Hume Transitional Support Program

The Hume Transitional Support Program provides medium to long term transitional housing support. The core work of the program is team case management. The key role of the program is in assisting consumers to address the barriers to obtaining and, more significantly, maintaining, appropriate accommodation. The MOSS-Hume Transitional Support Program does this by assisting the consumer to develop a case plan that addresses these barriers through effective linkages, and by support with capacity building. The program is a large and comprises two teams, nominally team 1 and team2 with a team leader supporting each team. Clients are allocated to respective team depending upon which has a support vacancy.

Eligibility Criteria

Singles, couples and families who have been assessed by the Initial Assessment and Planning (IAP) Team at the catchment Access Point – VincentCare Housing as being homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless and whose links are within the City of Hume or City of Moreland.


All referrals are received through the Access Point and its Initial Assessment and Planning (IAP) team. The Access Point, VincentCare Housing in Glenroy manages a prioritisation list and the Hume Transitional Support Program logs support vacancies on a central resource register.


The program is outreach focused.

Contact details

Ph: 9359 5493 (for both teams)
Fax: 9357 1090