Transitional Outreach Support

Transitional Outreach Support Team (TOST)

The Transitional Outreach Support Team provides case management support to people (individuals and families) who are homeless or at risk of experiencing homelessness. The main focus of case management is to support people to address their support needs that have led to their homelessness or prevented them from being able to sustain long term housing.

This support may include referral to specialist services and universal services as well as direct work which aims to facilitate consumers’ ability to develop skills to achieve housing sustainability. TOST supports consumers to identify their strengths and resources, whilst identifying options that may assist in their community to obtain affordable, safe, long term housing best matching their needs. The Team and respective consumer(s) jointly develop a case plan to achieve their goals. Case management support is also provided to children within families.

Eligibility Criteria:

TOST supports individuals and families living in the North East Melbourne Area (NEMA) catchment of the DHS Northern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne. Many of these consumers reside in “transitional housing” however the program also supports consumers who have been assessed as having “at risk” or vulnerable tenancies. TOST is partially funded a “cross target” and partially funded as a “families” program. Consequently, it works broadly with males, females, families, individuals and youth.


TOST receives its referrals from North East Housing Services, an Access Point located in Preston servicing the NEMA catchment. Homeless people will have presented at the North East Housing Services seeking housing and support around their homelessness issues and undergone an initial assessment. On receipt of a referral, TOST worker(s) will endeavor to contact the consumer or nominated contact person to make an appointment to begin the delivery of case management support.

Contact details:

Liam, Liz, Sene and Dan: 9482 3488