Regional Children’s Resource Program

North and West Regional Children’s Resource Program (NWRCRP)

The North and West Regional Children’s Resource Program was developed to assist the homelessness sector in identifying and addressing the specific needs of children experiencing homelessness and/or family violence. The program provides a range of support to homelessness/family violence services in the North and West Metropolitan Region who work with children in homeless families. The program is state-wide with coordinators in each region.


  • Information provision
  • Secondary consultation
  • Brokerage
  • Community Development – co-facilitating workshops, activities, forum’s and participating in children’ specific events and festivals.
  • Active involvement in various networks focused on Homelessness Service System Development advocating for children.
  • Direct support to homelessness and family violence services in the development of tools, policies and sourcing and facilitation of training that promotes best practice in the support of children and promotion of child safe organisations.
  • Data Collection and Research.
  • Provision of the Homeless Kids Count Website.
  • Support to SHS agencies with Homelessness Assistance Standards in relation to children’s issues.
  • Developing partnerships with Indigenous communities to raise the profile and support the specific needs of Indigenous children.
  • Developing partnerships with CALD communities to support the specific needs of CALD children.
  • Representation within the Family Violence, Mental Health, Education, Disability, Health and Early Years sectors to raise awareness of the needs of homeless and disadvantaged children. Advocating on behalf of children experiencing homelessness and/or family violence on a range of issues that affect their health, wellbeing and status within our community.
  • Managing a resource library

How to access the program:

Contact Halime – Senior Coordinator


Merri Outreach Support Service
22 Lakeside Drive, Broadmeadows VIC 3047
Phone 9359-5493   Fax 9357-1024

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