Interim Response Level 2 (IR 2) is a support service type offered by Merri Outreach Support Service in the Hume/Moreland catchment by the Hume Transitional Support (team 2) program and the Crisis Response Program in the NE Catchment.  Interim Response Level 2 is a short-term support model that focuses on completing discrete, imperative tasks in partnership with clients of the homelessness service system.

IR 2 is intended to either divert clients away from the homelessness service system where appropriate (Diversion) or contain acute crises until more appropriate resources become available (Crisis Intervention). It is a component of the coordinated homelessness service system arrangements that all Local Area Service Networks (LASNs) are required to implement and was developed in recognition of the disparity between the demand for homelessness assistance and capacity of the homelessness service system to respond to this demand. It is intended  to increase the numbers of people that can be meaningfully assisted by the homelessness service system, and prevent the escalation of need by providing timely assistance.


Referral for an Interim Response Level 2 service is made by the Initial Assessment and Planning (IAP) Team at the Access Point.