Volunteers fulfil a valuable role at Merri Outreach Support Service (MOSS). We are committed to offering opportunities and supporting community members to volunteer.   The contribution of volunteers is respected and valued as an important part of the Agency’s work in supporting consumers who experience homelessness or housing vulnerability. The diverse nature of programs means there are varying levels of opportunity for volunteerism across the Agency.

A volunteer is defined as “a person who has agreed to undertake unpaid work for MOSS, within a defined position description”.

Volunteering at MOSS can take different forms and diverse roles from driving our bus, helping at the food bank, to being a member of our Board of Directors. All volunteers will be provided with a position description, comprehensive orientation, appropriate support, regular supervision, necessary training and professional development opportunities.

All volunteers are considered members of the Agency and are responsible to the MOSS Board of Directors. Volunteers are required to perform their role in a manner that is consistent with their position description and conform to MOSS policies and procedures. Volunteers are expected to perform the tasks within their identified role to a high standard and uphold the rights of consumers, MOSS staff and other volunteers.

MOSS recognises that volunteers will require and benefit from supervision that helps them deal with, understand and learn from the problematic and confronting situations that often face consumers of the service.

Current and past consumers of MOSS are encouraged to become volunteers as volunteer opportunities arise.  Volunteers will be matched to a volunteer role that best suits their skills and interests, current circumstances including availability.

If you are interested in volunteering please discuss this with your support worker who can provide you with additional information. Alternatively ring 9482 3488 and ask to speak to Katrina or  9359 5493 to talk to Tony.