Donations enhance the capacity of the organisation to meet the needs of homeless consumers in flexible and creative ways. Some donors have a very clear wishes for how they would like their donation used and we seek to honour those wishes. Donations can make a profound difference to some people’s lives.

Merri Outreach Support Service receives funding from Local, State and Federal Governments to run specific programs and is endorsed as an Income Tax Exempt Charitable Entity and Deductible Gift Recipient. All cash donations are acknowledged with an ATO approved receipt. Donors are acknowledged in the Annual Report with consent from the donor.

Please contact us if you would like to donate:
Phone: Mark Goodie, CEO on (03) 9359 5493

 Post: Mail your cheque to Mark Goodie, CEO, Merri Outreach Support Service, 22 Lakeside Drive, Broadmeadows, 3047.  Please remember to include your name and address. Cheques should be made out to Merri Outreach Support Service


Regular scheduled donations: By setting up an automatic scheduled donation such as a direct debit from your bank account, giving will be convenient and your donation will be spread throughout the year.  Call (03) 9359 5493 to set up regular scheduled donations. 

Workplace giving: Regular, monthly donations in pre-tax dollars make giving easy.  Talk to your company’s payroll office. 

Bequests: Leaving a bequest in your will ensures MOSS programs continue into the future.  Your bequest may be large or small.  It can be a nominated amount or a percentage of your estate.  It can also be an asset such as property, shares or other investments.  When you make your bequest it is important to seek legal advice to ensure that your wishes are accurately recorded in your will.

A general bequest is advisable but if you want to direct your gift to a particular project, please contact MOSS to discuss your wishes.

We would like to thank you personally for making your bequest.  Please let us know if you have remembered MOSS in your Will so we can stay in touch and keep you updated on our work in the community.